Coracle-making Workshop

Last weekend Wool and Willow hosted a coracle-making workshop on the banks of the Thames between Wallingford and Cholsey, with expert willow workers, Pippa Scott and Rob Ritchie.  Sixteen people worked in couples to make eight beautiful traditional crafts.  It was a wonderful weekend of learning new skills, comraderie and fun.  On Sunday afternoon we ended with a visit to the river to launch one of the ready made coracles Pippa & Rob had brought with them to enable everyone to get a feel for sailing this ancient style of vessel, still used in various parts of the world including Ireland and Wales.  Each participant got the chance to sit in the coracle on the water, learn how to paddle in a ‘figure of eight’, go a few yards up the mighty Thames and then return to the safety of the launching deck.  A great time was had by all – so Wallingfordians watch out – you may spot these intrepid sailors as they navigate the river this summer!  We’ve decided to run another course next year after this success, so get in touch if you want to find out more.