Customers’ Window

Our new window is in! Thank you so much to all those who have kindly lent the fruits of their skills: really it’s your window. There is a wonderful array of knitted and crocheted garments to see so do take time to see it next time you are in town. We didn’t quite manage to get everything in the window, so we have hung the remaining items inside the shop. All types of knitting project are covered, and if you want to have a look close up at lace, cable, entrelac, vintage and some fabulous weaving, do come in. The fame of Wool and Willow is obviously spreading far and wide (well about 20 miles anyway), as we were visited by, and interviewed live on, BBC Oxford this morning. Only briefly, but we are featured on the BBC Oxford facebook page if you’d like to take a look. The reporter, Lilley, took some lovely photos and if only she’d been able to stay a bit longer I’m sure we would have got her signed up to one of our workshops!